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bathe in the forest.


That forest is not your reality.

You're staring at a screen right now, likely inside a city building.

50% of humans live in cities.

We spend over 90% of each day inside these man-made walls.

This urbanisation is continuing to accelerate.

As a result, we're losing touch with our natural world.

But why should you care?

Why do we need nature in our fast-paced lifestyles?

Connection with nature provides a variety of benefits

1. Reduces Stress & Anxiety

2. Boosts Productivity

3. Purifies Air

4. Improves Mood

Shirinoku was born out of shinrin-yoku

The Japanese art of forest bathing - the act of visiting a forest to soothe oneself mentally


bathe in the forest.

MissionOur mission is to make products that bring the forest into the home.

VisionOur vision is to reconnect city dwellers with the natural world.

Our Key Values

1. Mental Wellbeing

Our name comes from the Japanese art of Shinrin-Yoku, a form of nature therapy. This involves surrounding yourself with nature through the act of 'forest bathing' to improve your physical and mental health by building a deeper connection with nature.

2. Awareness

Through education and a social media presence, we want to spread the idea of Shinrin-Yoku around the world to ensure humanity doesn't destroy its relationship with the natural world, and to start a dialogue about the harm that this disconnection is causing us all.

3. Sustainability

All our activities must be carbon neutral and must never damage the already fragile ecosystem of our planet.

Inspired by this philosophy, we created the Noku Canvas.

The Noku Canvas aims to reconnect city dwellers with nature and leverage these benefits.

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We are a team of 4 design engineers who love plants. We developed Shirinoku over lockdown where our disconnect with nature became too apparent to ignore.

Luke Holland
Product Design Lead

Marcus Melconian
Web & Software Lead

Ben Collis
Finance & Marketing Lead

Elvis Lee
Product Operations Lead

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