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3x Noku Canvas

3x Noku Canvas

A self-watering, modular green wall for the home.

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In the box

The Noku Canvas is a self-watering, modular greenwall for the home. Transform your houseplants into wall-mounted hydroponic marvels. The Noku Canvas features:

Self-watering through wicking hydroponics perfectly waters your plants, taking the guesswork out of plant care. A handy water gauge reminds you when to refill.

Wall-mounted through fully-removable adhesive patches that won't damage your walls. perfect for small apartments with little shelf space.

Modular, so you can design and customise your greenwall exactly how you want it.

Made from 100% recycled plastic and natural cork.

Noku Canvas

2 sets of adhesive patches (1 spare so you can move your canvas)

Quick start guide

Wall mounting guide tool

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Water basin capacity 200ml (3-week supply)

Width 160mm

Height 140mm

Depth 60mm

Weight (empty) 430g

Weight (water + plant) 800g

Materials recycled ABS, cork

Pot volume 141ml

  • Best plant pots ever

    "I bought five shirinoku plant pots from their Kickstarter campaign. They were so good that I decided to buy three more. These incredibly well designed plant pots makes looking after plants and displaying plants a dream..."

    Kerim on the Noku Canvas

  • Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple

    "The Noku Canvas is simply brilliant, and brilliantly simple. My wall is now beautiful and bountiful with five lovely plants gently thriving. Anyone who sees the display is intrigued, and it..."

    James on the Noku Canvas

  • I luv my Noku Canvas'

    "I luv my Noku Canvas'! They arrived when expected, with everything they said would be in the box. So easy to put up. 6 weeks in and the plants are growing and our bedroom looks lovely with them in it."

    Simon on the Noku Canvas

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Here's how the Noku Canvas works

Just 4 easy steps!


  • Genius new product

    "Not only is it a great way to display plants when you're short on space, but it's also ideal for people who often forget to water their plants (we've all been there)."

    Stylist on the Noku Canvas

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Absolutely love this

    "Really want one for every wall in my home! I think the idea of truly making a feature of the plants creates a green indoor space that you get huge benefit from."

    Hubbub on the Noku Canvas

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • We can definitely get behind

    "Displaying your plants on the wall also has benefits beyond beauty. It brings your plants to eye level... and thus increases the benefits you gain from them."

    Hush on the Noku Canvas

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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What's in the box

What can you grow?


Will it damage my walls?

No. We have run over 500 removal tests of the wall mount on various surfaces and are confident that it will not damage your walls. Our wall mounting strips are supplied by 3M who specialise in adhesives. The root system and reservoir are also fully sealed off from your wall to ensure no dripping or mould forming.

How often do I need to refill the water reservoir?

About every 3-weeks. However, this will vary depending on plant species, room temperature, and sunlight levels.

How does the watering work?

The Noku Canvas uses a wicking hydroponic system that utilises the phenomenon of capillary action, the same way plant stems and roots draw water from soil. A wick connects the plant pot to a 3-week water reservoir that perfectly waters your plant, eradicating the risk of over/underwatering.

Can you use it outdoors?

We have not tested the Noku Canvas outdoors. However, it is made from UV resistant and waterproof polycarbonate, so in theory it could survive outdoors, but we recommend indoor use only.

How does the plant get nutrients?

There will be sufficient nutrients in the compost that your plant comes with (if you are using an existing houseplant) for up to 8-weeks of healthy growth. From then on, you can either fertilize your plant with fresh compost, or add liquid nutrient solution to the water basin to give your plants a healthy boost.

What kind of plants can I grow?

Theoretically, anything. However, the wicking hydroponic system creates a fairly damp soil level which certain plant varieties are not as well customed to (for example, succulents & orchids). More information about this topic will be provided in the packaging guide and on our website

What growth mediums can I use?

We recommend that you use compost or houseplant potting mix with the Noku Canvas. However, it is also possible to use soilless mediums, such as coir or rockwool.

What happens when my plant outgrows the Noku Canvas?

The Noku Pot has been designed to maximise the amount of growth time until repotting is needed. Slots in the side of the pot allow the plant roots to grow out and into the reservoir, preventing root balling and root rot (the main reason to repot). This is one of the main benefits of a hydroponics system. When you want to repot your plant, simply remove the pot from the canvas, and transfer it to a larger pot with soil.

Does the Noku Canvas come in other sizes or colours

Currently, the Noku Canvas only comes in one size & colour. However, we have future aspirations to release different sizes and colours that will interface with your existing Noku Canvases, so you can continue building your green wall in new ways!

What surfaces do the adhesive strips work on?

The adhesive strips will stick to most smooth indoor surfaces such as painted walls, tiling, plastic, and smooth wood, but excluding glass. Rough surfaces such as brickwork will not work, however, the screw mounting option will work for any wall type. If you wish to mount your Noku Canvas on a surface which you are unsure about or is not conventional, please refer here.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We offer local Shipping in the USA as well as the UK and we are currently shipping worldwide. The shipping rate for your country will be indicated at the check-out menu when adding your delivery address. The shipping fee does not include additional duties and taxes that may apply as per local laws of importation. We will be including a 'Statement on Origin' on the product invoice stating that the product is manufactured in and distributed from the UK. This may allow customs to offer reduced or nil rates of duty as per UK trade agreements.


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